What interns aren’t telling you about their internships

Great feedback from interns…Business owners, take note!


As a business that works with interns, you’re doing a great thing by giving hands-on experience to a student, youth or unemployed adult in Rhode Island. That said, there may be some things that your interns aren’t telling you, and if you don’t know about these problems, you can’t take steps to address them.

Here are some things that interns may not be telling you when they participate in your internships in Rhode Island:

  • “I’m not getting the experience that I need.”  Your company and all of the business that it’s doing is certainly important, but don’t get lost in the trap that it’s too important for an intern to tackle. The days of having your interns staple papers and make copies all day long are well on their way out. If you take the time to let your interns in on the actual work, there are several benefits that…

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