What happened to customer service?

I don’t generally rant about business here but seriously, what happened to customer service? Do large companies really think they will stay in business if all they consider is the bottom line? Our cable/phone/internet bill doubled in December because the bundled discount ended after 3 years. They offered to cut the phone out and slim the cable back to basic and the cost was still higher than what we were paying. So, we got rid of the phone and said good-bye to cable. Hello Roku and Hulu!

Staying away from malls was my goal for December and while I did buy local for gifts, there were things I needed for the house. Everyone, and I mean Everyone, needs to study Amazon and learn their ways. I do have prime and maybe that helped but almost everything I order through them (boots, books, household products) arrived in days, many times prior to their suggested delivery date. I ordered an item and returned it before packages from other stores even arrived. And – they credited my account as soon as UPS told them they had my package. Not, several weeks later but before they even had the item back! They also give a percentage to a charity of choice.

Customers don’t stay loyal today unless you give them a reason to! It’s not that difficult. I could go on with examples of the good, bad and the ugly but I won’t. What are your stories? Who stepped up and gave you the greatest customer service in 2015?

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