Job Hunting

1.  5 Common Resume Mistakes And How To Fix Them

2. 19 Reasons this is a excellent resume

3. Flex Jobs for part time, seasonal, contract, telecommuting

4. EmployRI – is a web-based Virtual One-Stop that provides individuals, employers and Labor Market Information professionals with the tools they need to accomplish their job search goals.  Job seekers can post their resumes and apply for jobs. Employers can search through the resume bank and post their job openings.  EmployRI also spiders multiple online job boards to create a virtual one-stop job search resource and is an important labor market information tool as well.

For more information: Business Workforce Center 1-888-616-JOBS (5627)
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training |

5.  Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – great video by Amy Cuddy explaining body language (high and low powered poses) and suggestions to make a great impression during an interview (or any other type of meeting or social situation)…


7. Google Recruiter Reveals The Biggest Mistakes He Sees on Resumes, Business Insider: . Originally published on LinkedIn. Quick read. Great Advice!

8. Job Description Jargon Translated: good interpretation of employers’ wording by writer Julie Xie.

9. Fortune’s Survey 2019: 100 Best Workplaces for millennial: Great Places to Work

10. Jobscan: Great site for checking out your resume in relation to job postings. First 5 scans free. Worth the fee if you’re seriously job hunting although they may send you extra free scans every month or so. Software compares key words in your resumes to specific job description. Articles and more with advice.

11. Glassdoor – for employers to post and job seekers to search. Includes listings, company reviews, salary info, articles and how to info.

12. 9 Things to Never Say in Salary Negotiation

13. Center for Business Outreach: Helping Alumni & Grads – substitute your own school or workplace to add value to your career planning and search.

14. Job-interview-questions-cheat-sheet – Check out The Interview Guys for great tips on securing the perfect job.