Scam Alerts

I started this as a post, but since I continue to get warnings on a weekly basis of some type of scam, I decided to make a page of it and update it regularly.

Remember to get your free credit report (from Transunion, Experian, Equifax) at . You’re entitled to a free report within a 12 month period and many people choose to break it up and order one every 4 months from the different companies.

1-26-17 Letter from BankNewport’s president Sandra Pattie regarding recent scams.

From Consumer Reports:  Watch out for these impersonation scams.  No, it isn’t Microsoft, your grandchild, E-ZPass, or the electric company contacting you. It’s a scammer!

Is EZ Pass Contacting You? A phishing scheme tied to the toll transponder could lead to ID theft.

Another banking related scam….from Taunton, MA.

From BankNewport:  Please be advised that Target is warning customers of a phishing scam. Customers are receiving e-mails from what appears to be their bank alerting them that their accounts were compromised. The e-mail provides a link to a rogue website asking for personal account information.   BankNewport will NEVER e-mail you to verify or update sensitive information such as, account numbers, PIN numbers, user names, passwords, or social security numbers.  If you do receive a suspicious e-mail asking for BankNewport account information do not reply and do not click on any links. Please forward the e-mail to or contact us at 1.401.845.2265.


There’s an old password scam finding its way around again…comes through an email, looks like it’s from Microsoft, several known logos in the email (yahoo, AOL, etc.) and says that you can’t upgrade w/Microsoft and link to other sites unless you confirm your passwords! Don’t do it, it’s another identity theft hacker.
A warning to all business owners to be careful of emails, phone calls, letters, etc. that don’t sound quite right.  We’ve come across an abundance of scams recently that sound legit but aren’t.  Don’t be afraid to call the Secretary of State’s office, Better Business Bureau or even your local police.  There are cyber security offices available to answer questions as well and we will try to keep you updated on these pages.
Wells Fargo advisors post alert: SEC warms pf fake correspondence.
RI labor agency: Scheme targeted about 350 users of online career center.
Rhode Island’s attorney general is warning people of a scam in which callers claiming to be from the sheriff’s office demand payment for skipping out on jury duty….these calls come at night when you can’t call anyone to check. They caller says you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay immediately.  As one radio show person pointed out, if the police want to arrest you they don’t call first!
Another notice I received was from my local bank warning of a phishing scam regarding payroll.
I continue to receive emails from clients claiming regarding letters or emails stating they had won prestigious awards from a company that wanted more information (and probably $$$).
The ASBDC warned of grants being awarded by SBDC’s to companies, using letterhead that was very close to the real thing. These SBDCs did not have any grant programs.
Be sure to warn friends and family members as well…especially the older generation.

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