Tips and Tools

I. Article written for the RISBJ 2013.  Covers topics such as classroom projects, internships and co-ops, career services, community service, work study, career fairs, etc.       Student Engagement: A Valuable Resources for Businesses

2. This paper was written in 2012 by Professors Thombs and Hough with Stacey Carter, Regional Director of the RI SBDC. It discusses the importance of collaboration between education and industry.   Professor Thombs presented it at the 12th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Business.   Student Engagement @SRU.

3. Check out this Guide from the RI Student Loan Authority. They’ve developed an internship guide for employers to follow.  Bridge Employer_Guide_to Internships.  Once you’ve decided an internship program is right for you, write a profile and look for interns via their website or look through their college & university manual to learn more about the programs at each of the schools.  Contact: Adrian van Alphen, Director, Employer Relations, Rhode Island Student Loan Authority, Email for more information.

4. RI reimburses employers and organizations (restrictions apply) for 50% of college intern wages through the employer reimbursement program as well as an adult work immersion program for unemployed adults. Info for both at this website.

5. Another great article posted on – Attract-top-talent-how-to-write-an-engaging-internship-description