Salve Students! – Teach, Lead, Manage: A Tall Ship Adventure (Aug. 2015)

How cool is this? Spend 7 days aboard the brand new 200-foot Tall Ship ‘Oliver Hazard Perry‘ sailing the coastal waters of New England while building your leadership, communication, management and teaching skills. Take part in a Seamanship Course which will serve as an adventure filled backdrop to an innovative course on Creative & Innovative ProblemContinue reading “Salve Students! – Teach, Lead, Manage: A Tall Ship Adventure (Aug. 2015)”

Why Women are Ditching Engineering Jobs

This is not good news….Jill Krasny of writes: “Even if more girls embrace engineering with encouragement from parents and schools, what awaits them isn’t exactly encouraging.”   40% drop out of the engineering field?  They should be encouraged to start their own businesses! Lots of opportunities for women owned businesses in engineering.

Internships: What’s in it for you

From – lots of great reasons to consider using interns in your business (high school, college or adult)!  And their site and staff will help you navigate through the process:  Internships: What’s in it for you. Schools will be back in session next week w/students looking for internships. If you think you could useContinue reading “Internships: What’s in it for you”