What happened to customer service?

I don’t generally rant about business here but seriously, what happened to customer service? Do large companies really think they will stay in business if all they consider is the bottom line? Our cable/phone/internet bill doubled in December because the bundled discount ended after 3 years. They offered to cut the phone out and slimContinue reading “What happened to customer service?”

6 Ways You Can Protect Yourself from Hacking

From Inc. Online’s Kevin Daum: “Sony’s recent hacking brings more awareness to the problem. Instead of having a “Not Me” attitude, try protecting yourself with these tips.” Great reminders!  http://bit.ly/1x0xPCv Related articles Sony Said to Learn Last Year About Large Network-Security Breach – Bloomberg

UPS Pulse on the Online Shopper – a white paper

UPS contracted for a comprehensive study of the online shopper and the findings are in this report.  It’s worthwhile reading for ALL retailers! It explains how shoppers are making decisions: online only, online and in-store, online and p/u or return at store, etc. This study has valuable insight into the buyers’ expectations and why theyContinue reading “UPS Pulse on the Online Shopper – a white paper”