Salve Regina Center for Business Outreach – Fall semester almost upon us!

The heat is on! Interested in working with Salve Regina business classes in the Fall? Fill out our form to sign up. This is for classroom projects only (business plans, social media analysis, surveys, marketing and other classes available). Semester projects begin Sept. 7th and run through Dec. 12th. (Internship requests handled separately.) Give back and gainContinue reading “Salve Regina Center for Business Outreach – Fall semester almost upon us!”

Spring 2016 – Semester planning now!

Need a business plan? Marketing strategies or other type of assistance? The Center for Business Outreach is collecting names now. Fill out the Employer Participation form and tell us how Salve Regina business students can help you. Or email us at Classes begin Jan. 19th!

Salve’s Center for Business Outreach plans for Fall classes

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs, We’re collecting company names for Fall 2015 classroom projects. If you have a problem you liked solved or want to become involved, check out our new website: and fill out the participation form. Also, please follow us on Instagram @salvecenterbiz. See you soon, Stacey