RI SBA Awards Luncheon, May 13, 2015 (Alpine C Club)

SMALL BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR – Christopher Ciunci, Owner -Tribal Vision, Providence YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR RHODE ISLAND AND NEW ENGLAND Jason and Lynsey Colgan, Owners- A Child’s University, Cranston MINORITY-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS RHODE ISLAND AND NEW ENGLAND Oscar Mejias, CEO- Hernan Padilla, Executive Director, HiTEP, Providence ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS Justin Hoffler, Owner- Muff’s Motorsports, LLC, Ashaway WOMAN-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS Deborah Schimberg, CEO- Verve, Inc., ProvidenceContinue reading “RI SBA Awards Luncheon, May 13, 2015 (Alpine C Club)”

Time to Review Your Business Plan

Remember, it’s the foundation of your business! Don’t just file it away, use it as a road map to the future. Are you sticking to your mission? Do your 2015 goals make sense? And American Express’ Open Forum agrees with me… “Why It’s Past) Time to Update Your Business Plan” – http://amex.co/1uDpC2T. Don’t pay for a plan,Continue reading “Time to Review Your Business Plan”

Tax changes for 2015

What to know about small business taxes for 2015, from American Express, Open Forum: ” New tax regulations in 2014 are poised to complicate your already complex IRS filings. This primer sheds light on what changes may affect you and your business the most.” http://amex.co/1u2YlGK.