Beware Scholarship Scams

Scholarships and financial aid do not require upfront fees. While there are legitimate companies who will help guide you through the financial aid and college application process for a fee, disreputable companies may ask you for money up front and provide nothing in return. Red flags to watch out for include the following: RelatedContinue reading “Beware Scholarship Scams”

Colleges Don’t Buy Happiness – Wall Street Journal Article, 5/6/14

Elite Schools Have No Monopoly on Thriving Graduates, Poll of 30,000 Finds.  “Meaningful ties with professors or mentors had the highest correlation with well-being after graduation”. Interesting article for those of us with children in college or just reflecting on our own lives. Related articles A Caring Professor May Be Key in How aContinue reading “Colleges Don’t Buy Happiness – Wall Street Journal Article, 5/6/14”

Internships: What’s in it for you

From – lots of great reasons to consider using interns in your business (high school, college or adult)!  And their site and staff will help you navigate through the process:  Internships: What’s in it for you. Schools will be back in session next week w/students looking for internships. If you think you could useContinue reading “Internships: What’s in it for you”