InnovateHER biz competition for women business owners

Providence, RI. LGCD/LeveragedSolutions has been chosen to be the Rhode Island host of the SBA National InnovateHER business competition. It is a national prize competition sponsored by the SBA and the Office of Women’s Business Ownership aimed at unearthing products and services that impact and empower the lives of women and families. The finalists from theContinue reading “InnovateHER biz competition for women business owners”

CWE Women-Owned Business Challenge 2015

Business women from New England should check this out. Deadline is August 14th. There are two (2) Tracks in the Challenge: “START” Track: open to any existing early-stage, for-profit women-owned business generating gross revenues from $0-$50,000. “GROW” Track: open to any existing for-profit women-owned business generating gross revenues from $50,000-$500,000. Ten (10) finalists (5 fromContinue reading “CWE Women-Owned Business Challenge 2015”

Why Women are Ditching Engineering Jobs

This is not good news….Jill Krasny of writes: “Even if more girls embrace engineering with encouragement from parents and schools, what awaits them isn’t exactly encouraging.”   40% drop out of the engineering field?  They should be encouraged to start their own businesses! Lots of opportunities for women owned businesses in engineering.