These pages provide resources and tools for business leaders and entrepreneurs to use in every day operation. I will not wax poetic about my thoughts on the economy (Rhode Island or otherwise) or political policy… we can wait on that for when we meet!  I’ll skip right to the heart of the matter: what does it take to be successful?  My message or theme as you will discover is simple:  Keep it Simple! Keep it Focused!

As I come across tools, materials or resources of value, I post them to this site.  Check out the blogs I follow for additional information. They’re all resources for you!  Most pages have drop down menus and are frequently updated so check back often.  If you subscribe to the blog you’ll only get notices of updated posts, not pages.

If you have tools or resources to share, feel free to send them over via email and I’ll be happy to add them as well.

Thanks and have a great day!